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What We Do

  • Sponsor the “CHAIRish the Children” chair decorating art contest for Lake County middle and high school students every Spring.
  • Co-sponsor the annual Forum on Child Abuse and Neglect at Indiana University Northwest. This event provides an opportunity for individual education as there are a variety of speakers and breakout sessions related to abuse and neglect prevention.
  • Present educational material through our website and at community events.
  • Promote community awareness through participating in community events.

Primary Prevention

To cope successfully with their roles in the family, both adults and children require certain supports, training, and information. Child abuse prevention activities must be provided at all three levels of prevention, namely:

  • Primary Prevention – Programs and services designed to promote the general welfare of children and families.
  • Secondary Prevention – Services identified and provided to families who are at high risk for abuse.
  • Tertiary Prevention – Services provided after the occurrence of abuse or neglect, designed to prevent the recurrence of abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse Lake County’s focus is to target abuse at the Primary Prevention level.