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Indiana Child Abuse Statistics

In State Fiscal Year 2012, there were 34 substantiated abuse and neglect fatalities: 15 due to abuse and 19 due to neglect. Compared to the 2008 figures, there were 15 fewer fatalities: 9 fewer due to abuses and 4 fewer due to neglect.

Of the 2012 fatalities, head trauma was the primary injury in cases of abuse fatalities, and exposure hazards was the primary cause of neglect.

Lake County, Indiana, had a total of 2 deaths in 2012 (1 by abuse and 1 by neglect).


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    A pattern of stress factors statewide

    • 60% were children under 1 year of age.
    • Low income—49% of cases
    • Substance Abuse—25% of cases
    • Domestic violence in 10% of cases.
    • 68% by biological parent
    • 17% by parent’s intimate partner