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Free Downloads: Brochures & Pamphlets

Parent Resource Guide

A list of local resources and contact information for counseling, programs and more. Also available in Spanish.

Stress Management

A pamphlet explaining and helping on how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Tips for Tears and Stress

Quick tips on how to deal with and manage tears and stress.

Wait A Minute

Tips for dealing with crying children. Also available in Spanish.

Water Safety

Water is fun! But it can also be fatal if not properly monitored around children. Learn more:

Internet Safety

The internet can be dangerous to unmonitored children. Learn how to safely browse.

Leaving Children Home Alone

Brochure explaining how to know if children can be left home alone, including safety tips. Also available in Spanish.

Take Good Care Card

Information card for parents to leave with babysitter. Also available in Spanish.

When, What & How to Report Child Abuse & Neglect

For Spanish language resources, see our page En Español.