Resource Material

PCALC Educational Materials program seeks to get information on Parenting, Early Child Care, Health and Safety of the Children of Lake County directly into the hands of the parents and primary caregivers through educational materials handed out at community events, Forum, parent groups, public locations and new parents in the area hospitals.

PCALC sees itself as a Primary Prevention Agency that prevents child abuse and neglect through educations, increased awareness and advocacy as its mission. We see an important need to educate parents on parenting so that the children of Lake County are not abused or neglected due to lack of parenting skills education.

As we become aware of specific needs in the community of Lake County our materials director seeks out information that parents directly involved with child care can read and learn about better parenting skills. We have information on Maternal Health, Fatherhood, Children’s Health, Immunizations, Stress Control, Safe Sleeping, Shaken Infant, Toddler care, Feeding and Discipline, Toilet Training, Age Appropriate Discipline and many other Parenting skills for different age levels.

Our materials are paid for through fund raising, donations and grants.

We seek to work in cooperation with organizations in Lake County. We provide new parents packets to new families at St Catherine’s Hospital and Community Hospital Partner groups on the care and nurturing of new babies.

In order to serve the whole of Lake County we have bilingual materials and Spanish materials.

Indiana Abuse Stats Recognizing Abuse

Parent Resource Guide

A list of local resources and contact information for counseling, programs and more

English Download Guía De Recursos Para Padres

Love With Words

A document expressing the most loved used words a child can here (English, Spanish, French)


Stress Management

A pamphlet explaining and helping on how to deal with stress in a healthy way.


Tips for Tears and Stress

Quick tips on how to deal with and manage tears and stress.


Water Safety

Water is Fun! But it can also be fatal if not properly monitored around children. Learn More!


Internet Safety

The internet can be dangerous to unmonitored children. Learn how to safely browse.


Leaving Children Home Alone

Brochure explaining how to know if children can be left home alone, including safety tips

English Download Spanish Download

Take Good Care Card

Information card for parents to leave with babysitter

English Download Spanish Download

Wait A Minute

Tips for dealing with crying children

English Download Spanish Download

When, What, & How

When, What & How to Report Child Abuse & Neglect